Peek a Phone Too Hot to Handle Walkthrough

We will help you with Peek a Phone Too Hot to Handle Walkthrough. Below you will find the perfect steps need to finish the mission in a few minutes.

  • Click on the News App and read the accelerant that caused the fire name which is kerosene. Go to the Interflix app and type kerosene as a password to unlock it.
  • The moment you unlock the app you will receive 3 messages. Click on them and find the book’s name which is Inferno.
  • Go to the LoveBook app and unlock it by using the password Inferno. Click on the top right corner to open the messages and open the conversation with Tanya. her last name is Carson remember it you will need it later.
  • You will receive a new chat from Cuz click on it and reply to him with Dreadlock samurai which is Cerebral con-game shows we earlier saw in Interflix app. After he asks for another write the reply Blood and Water. The reply will show his name which is Carl.
  • Click on the finish flag and write Carl Carson to complete this mission.


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