Peek a Phone Pirates Walkthrough

Even in the 2020s, real pirates still exist and regularly raid and rob innocent transport vessels. The authorities usually ignore pirates. However, recently the Navy is very interested in a specific pirate group led by a notorious pirate named Thomas Axe. Rumor says Axe and his group stole a vital piece of loot and hid it somewhere. It turns out even pirates have mobile phones these days, and in a recent setup, the Coast Guard managed to get their hands on a phone of one of Axe’s deputies.

Your mission is to figure out what Axe stole and where he hid it.

Peek a Phone Pirates Walkthrough

  • First and foremost as in every other mission you have to read the conversations in the Messages app because in most of the cases you have important hints and clues there.
  • If you check the conversation with Captain Axe, he tells him not to forget to setup a PIN for the PirateTalk app and he recommends to use the birth year of the famous pirate he loves.
  • Read the conversation with Mother and he mentions the pirate name Ben Pease, who according to Wikipedia was born in 1834
  • Open the PirateTalk app and enter the code you found. In the chat with Mullins he mentions the map is hidden inside the Vault app which is password-protected.
  • Read the chat with Captain Axe where he mentions the Florizel which is the “me-love”. We will use this to open the Notes app which is password-protected.
  • Go to the Photos and open the first photo which contains names and codes for each of the vessels. Florizel has the code 7191
  • Open the Notes app and put the code we just found. You will then see the note that the Vault Password is the other admiral.
  • Open the Pirate Talk app again and read the conversation with Jonas Rattler. Since the admirals get 15% the other admiral is Roach.
  • Open the vault and type the password ROACH. Then open the Treasure Map. You get 2 hints which are Black Star Square and RIP (Cemetary). The loot is hidden in the Christiansborg War Cemetery, Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana.

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Pirates. If you would like to continue to solve more missions click here or go to the homepage.

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