Peek a Phone Level 1 Introduction Walkthrough

This one is simple. You sat down on a bench and found a phone. No one is around, so it is probably lost… Fortunately, the phone is unlocked! Let’s play nice this time … Your mission is to find the phone owner’s address so you can return it.

Please Note: Different devices might have different names or characters however if you follow the steps listed below you should solve the mission. If not do leave a comment below.

Peek a Phone Level 1 Introduction Walkthrough

  • Open the Messages app and then click on the chat with Mom
  • The mom is her about the street name and she responds that it’s Park St
  • Go back and open the Photos app
  • There is one photo, open it and zoom where the door is. You will see the house number 616
  • Go back and click on the Flag as you are now ready to solve the first mission:
  • The address is: Park St 616

Congratulations! You already solved Mission 1 from Peek a Phone game. If you would like to continue to Mission 2 click here or go to the homepage.

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