Peek a Phone Level 2 Runaway Walkthrough

Your cousin’s daughter, Michelle, disappeared two nights ago. Her parents believe she ran away from home after her boyfriend broke up with her. She left her phone behind, but it looks like she deleted everything from it. Can you check if there are any clues left on the device that can shed some light on Michelle’s location?

Please Note: Different devices might have different names or characters however if you follow the steps listed below you should solve the mission. If not do leave a comment below.

Peek a Phone Level 2 Runaway Walkthrough

  • Click on the Internet app and then click on the URL bar.
  • You can now see all her previous searches. The second search query is “Cheap Hotels in Berlin” which means she is going to Berlin.
  • You can filter the results and if you type “Hotel” then her address will pop up “Hotel Indigo Berlin Address
  • Click on the flag to submit the answer which is: Hotel Indigo Berlin

Congratulations! You already solved Mission 2 from Peek a Phone game. If you would like to continue to Mission 3 click here or go to the homepage.

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