Peek a Phone Another Phone Return Walkthrough

Your friend Anya found a phone outside her grandparent’s house. She wants to return it but it looks it has not information that can help to identify its owner. Use your detective skills to locate the address of the owner so she can return the phone.

Peek a Phone Another Phone Return Walkthrough

  • Open the Smart Home app. You will see that the Home Office camera is dark. You have to turn on the lights however it is password protected. Apparently the owner of the phone forgot to change the default password so click on the operating instructions to see the default password.The default PIN is 1110
  • Now that you have the PIN turn on the lights and then click on the Home Office Camera. Pinch to zoom and you will see a sticker note with the code for the Pizza app. The code is: 3225
  • Open the Pizza app by submitting the code we found earlier and then click on Track My Pizza. Oh no there has been an accident and the drone was destroyed.
  • Open the Local News app and read the latest news about the Drone Crash in Lakewood. At the very bottom you see address mentioned which is South Robb Street in Lakewood County.
  • Go to the Messages app and read the conversation with Jenny. There is a website mentioned “” so click on the link.
  • Enter the address South Robb in the search bar and click enter. Voila you found the house for sale with the home address of the phone owner.
  • Click on the flag and type your answer. The owner’s home address is: 3620 South Robb Street

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Another Phone Return. If you would like to continue to solve more missions click here or go to the homepage.

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