Peek a Phone Abduction Part 2 Walkthrough

You head over to Mr. Beef’s house and notice that there are no cars and the lights are off. You decide to peek through the porch windows, but nobody seems to be inside, so you turn to leave.

A light in the grass catches your attention. You go up to it, realizing that it’s another phone – this can’t be a coincidence.

There might be information that’ll lead to QDPie’s whereabouts, so unlock the phone and search for more information.

Peek a Phone Abduction Part 2 Walkthrough

  • When trying to unlock a wallpaper will appear. The letters shown in there you need to find their number in the alphabet B is 2, E is 5 and F is 6 which is 2556.
  • When you unlock you see different Phone icons with numbers beneath them. Try to call 8643314386. A contact name The Masters will appear.
  • After listening to the message click on the converter app and convert 42 Kilograms to Pounds. A newspaper will appear, read the content of it remember AbbyCabby.
  • Go to the Interflix app and write Username: [email protected] and the Password ybbaCybbA.
  • 1 Last 365 Day Trip is one of the movies there and it also the password to unlock Notes 1365. Read The Masters note carefully. Also open Are Hungry! note and read it and make some calculations.
  • The pin to unlock Pizza app is 2020. Click Track My Pizza and you will see the location.
  • The answer is 32 Ripple Avenue.

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