Peek a Phone Gotcha! Walkthrough

Please Note: Different devices might have different names or characters however if you follow the steps listed below you should solve the mission. If not do leave a comment below.

Peek a Phone Gotcha! Walkthrough

  • Open the Messages app and read the conversation with Eddie Poole.
  • The reservation is under the name “Curtis Vance
  • Go back and open the eMail app and then click on the Casual confirmation email.
  • The reference code is PKVQCZ. You can now visit the website and on the menu click Manage My Trips.
  • It will ask you for the reference code (PKVQCZ) and also last name “Vance“. (Please note different devices might have different reference codes or last names)
  • Cancel the flight and wait for the phone call from Eddie Poole. Open the video call
  • Eddie will send you a link to an ad on You should send an email to the address listed on the ad from your real address.
  • Open the News app and click on the latest Breaking News “FBI: The Stroll’s Assistant Exposed”. On the last paragraph you will find that the Stroll has a shark tattoo on his right arm.
  • Go back to the main screen and open the Find Friends app. The hint is my tat so the password is shark
  • Eddie Poole is at Pampa 1851, Rincon de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina waiting with his motorcycle.
  • Click on the flag and type the answer. The Stroller is at Pampa 1851

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Gotcha!. If you would like to continue to solve more missions click here or go to the homepage.

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