Peek a Phone Cheater! Walkthrough

After helping the police, your name spread out. It attracted a first client who overheard her husband Tyler calling someone “my love” over the phone. She is now confident he cheats on her.

She waits for her husband to fall asleep, unknowingly. Then, she stealthily steals his phone and brings it to you. Can you help her find his lover’s name?

Peek a Phone Cheater! Walkthrough

  • Open the Contacts app and scroll down until you find Notes 🔑 . The code to open the Notes app is 8918
  • Click on the Notes app and then click on the [Draft] message. You see he mentions ever since the camping in the woods so you know he was with someone in the woods other than his wife.
  • Click on the Internet app and filter the last keywords Tyler searched the web. One of the search terms is “How to tell your wife your bisexual“.
  • Open the Messages app and locate the text with Clark Woods. The first text mentions that Tyler and Clark camped together at Mullica river.
  • Click on the flag and type the answer. Tyler’s lover is: CLARK WOODS

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