Peek a Phone Dirty Secrets Walkthrough

As a renowned PI, you’ve taken many questionable jobs to make ends meet. Still, but after receiving a distress call from an orphanage (of all places) requesting your help, you realize there is a chance to use your skills to do some good.

Senator Sherrod Cantwell is a sinister politician: He’s bribed, backstabbed, blackmailed, and bullied his way to the top. Now his greedy eyes have set on building a pipeline through the orphanage.

There is only on way to stop this dirty politician! Find the location of his illegal off-shore accounts and wire funds to the orphanage account (79182), so they will be able to defend themselves.

Using your connections, you’ve gained access to his phone – Now the hard part begins.

Peek a Phone Dirty Secrets Walkthrough

  • The Notes app is password-protected and the code is Daughter’s birthday + son’s birthday (MMDD).
  • Go to the Photos app and scroll down where the son is celebrating his birthday. The picture was taken on February 20,2021 so 0220 is the number we need.
  • To find the daughter’s birthday we have to first find her name. Go to the Email app and open the Pillar Banks Inc email. Sherrod has transferred money to her daughter Monica Anna Cantwell.
  • By reading the messages between Sherrod and his wife we understand that he only calls his daughter on her birthday. Open the Phone app and see when did he call Monica. He called her on January 27 so the number we need is 0127.
  • Open the Notes app and enter the code 0347 (we got this number by adding the daughter birthday + the son’s birthday so 0127 + 0220 = 0347
  • The secret app password inside the Notes app is 80085
  • Go to the Email app and filter the messages by typing “Secrt“. You will see an email with the subject “Welcome to SecRt!”. It explains how you can access the Secret App inside the Calculator.
  • Open the Calculator app and type 80085÷
  • You have the Authenticator app which will be used to transfer money to the orphanage. Use your real phone to send a message to 202-519-1478. The message should be something like RECYCLE $10000 “The Orphanage Account Number” “The Authenticator Number”.
  • In my case I sent the following text Recycle $10000 79182 717670 and I got a message back saying Recycled 3424F88. Use that number to solve the mission.

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Dirty Secrets. If you would like to continue to solve other missions click here or go to the homepage.

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