Peek a Phone Abduction Part 1 Walkthrough

QDPie is your favorite streamer who happens to be the biggest CubeTuber in the world with over 100 million subscribers!

You’re watching him live streaming from a park while he waits for his friends to arrive when a few men in hoodies suddenly approach him and snatch his phone…

Please Note: Different devices might have different names or characters however if you follow the steps listed below you should solve the mission. If not do leave a comment below.

Peek a Phone Abduction Part 1 Walkthrough

  • Open the gallery and you will find a video there. At the end of this video, a phone number is shown. +1 (864) 657 45 48 write it down and call it.
  • Listen to the conversation when the call is answered they say you need to draw an to enter the chat. Click on the chat app and draw an N to unlock it. A message from The Masters will appear open on it and write Collab.
  • Click on the Smart Home App and type the password 1035 which was the precision of their plans. Turn Porch Lights and Studio Lights on. When you click on Studio you will see a hashtag #subscribetoqdpie which you will need to use as a password for the email but you will remove #.
  • Open the email app and go to the mail by Pamela Greenberg and you see that the email was sent to Alex Greenberg which has the email [email protected] and as a password use subscribetoqdpie.
  • After the email is unlocked go to the messages located inside the email app and go to the message of Emmanuel and you will see an address there that will be the answer.
  • The answer is 97 Welton drive.

Congratulations! You already solved Abduction Part 1 mission. If you would like to continue to solve other missions click here or go to the homepage.

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