Peek a Phone Riddlemaker Walkthrough

This morning, you found a carefully wrapped package on your doorstep. You opened the package, and inside, you found a phone …

Peek a Phone Riddlemaker Walkthrough

  • Open the Notes app and you are given a note. That is an acrostic puzzle where you have to use the first letters from each sentence. In our case the word formed is GORY
  • Open the Second app and enter the password gory. You will then see a photo. The picture represents the dancing men cypher. Use an online decoder to find the hidden message. The last 4 red letters mean DEAD.
  • Open the Third app. Close one eye and tilt the phone to look from the charger hole. “Oh Yes There Will Be Blood” and the code is 3141592
  • Open the Last app and you have a creepy image with the numbers 1+2-3. This represents each of the apps in the home screen. So open the first app (Notes) you have the number 43 + 81 (open the second app and on the bottom left photo you have the number). Then subtract the Third app number which is 6 equals 118

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Riddlemaker Walkthrough.

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