Peek a Phone The Game Walkthrough

Kylee Allen is an ordinary college student, or at least she was until today…
This morning her roommate Lily found her lying on her bed in what seems to be a deep sleep or a coma. She tried to wake her up with no luck.

Lying next to her was her phone, turned on, saying “Game Over”. Help Lily understand how to wake up Kylee.

Peek a Phone The Game Walkthrough

  • Go to the Messages app and read all the conversations.
  • Open “The Game” and start solving each of the levels.
  • You can find the answer to Level 1 in the Messages app (which is LOL)
  • Level 2 is written in Gujarati script (As seen in the Notes app) and the translation is: 87149
  • Level 3 who sings the song Baby Light My Fire (The Answer is The Doors)
  • In Level 4 you have to follow the letters in the maze and the hidden word is: ROTATOR
  • In Level 5 you have to find the seedless watermelon which is at: 16K
  • The Old State house was built in 1713. Open Google Maps to find the street number which is: 201
  • To wake up Kylee Allen from her deep sleep you should say the word: AVOCADO

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone The Game. If you would like to continue to solve more missions click here or go to the homepage.

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