Peek a Phone Level 3 Secret Recipe Walkthrough

When it comes to baking, Grandma Dorothy really does know best! Unfortunately, she passed away recently and took the secret biscuit recipe to the grave. Or didn’t she?? You found a phone lying on her kitchen table, with a note saying “Biscuit Recipe”. Has grandma left a clue to discover her secret recipe?

Please Note: Different devices might have different names or characters however if you follow the steps listed below you should solve the mission. If not do leave a comment below.

Peek a Phone Level 3 Secret Recipe Walkthrough

  • Click on the Messages app and then click on the chat Grandma
  • First hint given is: The year Google was founded.
  • Google was founded on September 4, 1998.
  • Go back to Photos app and put the password 1998.
  • Open the image and you will see a cryptogram where each letter represents another one
  • Go back and open the Recipes app
  • The App Recipes is Password Protected and the hint given is: BXPPB so now you can check the letters given with the cryptogram on the photos. The password is: YUMMY
  • You can now check the Secret Biscuits recipe and the secret ingredient is: COCONUT
  • Click on the flag and submit the answer. The secret ingredient is: COCONUT

Congratulations! You already solved Mission 3 from Peek a Phone game. If you would like to continue to Mission 4 click here or go to the homepage.

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