Peek a Phone Environmental Walkthrough

The environmentalist organization “Free Planet Vanguard” has recently been labeled “eco-terrorist”. Recent intelligence points to an imminent attack directed at a government office somewhere in the US. You got access to a lieutenant’s phone in the organization – use it to find where and when the attack will strike and prevent it.

Peek a Phone Environmental Walkthrough

  • Open the Phone app and scroll down. You will see a voicemail from Sharon. Listen to it and keep note of the color mentioned. Purple
  • Open the Messages app and read the chat with Sam. To access the Tenalp app the password is the favorite color + his birth year.
  • Read the conversation with his sister Chloe and his Dad. You will understand that his birth year is 1990 so the password for the Tenalp is purple1990.
  • Open the Tenalp app. The email address is “[email protected]” (found from the Mail app) and the password is purple1990
  • Visit the Chat tab and open the chat with Ecofreak. The disarm code is JS81MR4.
  • The Contacts app is password-protected however in the Notes app it says that the code is the last 4 digits of the gf number. The gf (who bought him the purple tshirt) has the following phone number: 512-555-0120
  • Open the Internet browser and check the history. You will see the search term “pigpen cypher”. Use your Internet browser to Google it and find a pigpen cypher converter online. The code given at the Messages app from conversation with Spencer means: healthyearth
  • Open the Mail app and open the email from Mr S which contains the Operation Guide. Use the password we found previously. You will now see the Remote Operation Guide commands and sequences. To disarm you should use DISARM <DISARM CODE> which we found previously.
  • Open the Contacts and check the Gadget contact. You should text to 512-877-4747 the disarm code DISARM <JS81MR4> and then you will get a text back stating the bomb has been disarmed and the id for the targets list.
  • The code I received was R5V9QMYQ80 which corresponds with the zip code 20585 (You can find this in the Mail app from the Targets attachment)
  • That zip code belongs to the US Department of Energy building. We now need to find out when will the attack happen.
  • Open the Tenalp app and click on the Chat tab. See when did Ecofreak activate the bomb. It says April 29 02:32 + 4 days until the detonation.
  • The attack will happen on May 3 2022 at the US Department of Energy building.

Congratulations! You already solved Peek a Phone Environmental. If you would like to continue to solve more missions go to the homepage.

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