Peek a Phone Mr. X Walkthrough

The World-Class Secret Police Organization (WSCP) hired you to locate a world-famous criminal known only as Mr. X. WSCP’s investigation has led you to an Atlantic Cruise ship where you have evidence that Mr.X is among the guests!

As luck would have it, your hunch pays off. The WSCP tech team has triangulated the location of a phone hidden on the ship for Mr. X, and you were able to put your hands on it before Mr. X found it. Your mission is to discover what Mr. X is planning and identify their next target!

Peek a Phone Mr. X Walkthrough

  • Swipe to unlock the phone by drawing the X as in the background.
  • Open the Messages app and read the conversation with HQ. He mentions that the Vault password is your favorite Afghan which is a dog breed (Afghan Hound)
  • Open the Calendar app and check the previous appointments. On February 18 2021 you see a note “Vet appointment for Wilbur
  • Open the Vault and enter the password wilbur and then check each of the apps in the vault. You will see the target is a man in a suit.
  • Open the Internet app and see the past search history. The last link is the Click on it. You will see that the target of Mr. X is the Chief of WSCP aka Tooth.
  • Open the Calendar app and on March 20 2021 it says 10: 17 NOTES so the code to open the Notes inside the Vault is 1017
  • Open the WSCP list inside the Notes app and Tooth has the number 1382.
  • The name of the target is Oliver Merrill, Chief of World-Class Secret Police Organization.

Congratulations! You already solved Mission Mr. X. If you would like to continue to the next mission click here or go to the homepage.

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