Peek a Phone Paparazzi Part 1 Walkthrough

Here we will help you with the full Peek a Phone Paparazzi Part 1 Walkthrough.

Peek a Phone Paparazzi Walkthrough

  • The Email app is locked with a passcode and as a hint you can see “Miles Last 4“. Head to the messages section.
  • Find the conversation with the Coffee guy and check his phone number it ends with 0199. Use it as a password to unlock the email app.
  • You also need the App Interflix which is locked and the hint is Bff name+ divorce year. Go to Messages and open the conversation with your Ex-Husband and read the part that says the divorce happened in 2018. After this open the conversation with the Therapist and in those lines you will read that he is her bff. 
  • Open Mews app and read the article 5 ways to talk to that friend. When the article ends you will see the name of the Author which is Diego Rodriguez.
  • Let’s return to the Interflix app and type in the password diego2018. To proceed further we need to find the password to the Folder app and the hint is nickname + house number.
  • Go to the Email app and read the conversation with Cathy Clark about House Listing. In there, you will see the house address which is 70 Oak Hill Routhtruth Village. To find her nickname head to the Internet browser app and click on the search bar. Type Is it true Kaleb O’Connor remarried? When the article appears read it and you will find out that her nickname is The Starcrusher.
  • Return to the Folder app and write as a password starcrusher70. When this app unlocks click on the notes inside it and another password is needed which has a hint Bff’s fav show.
  • Open the Interflix app and you can see that his list contains Knightgirl. Use this as a password to unlock Notes inside the Folder app.
  • Once the Notes is unlocked click the Schedule note. She forgot the Finance app password and so she change it to her maiden name.
  • Go back to Photos inside Folder App and find out the Divorce Agreement photo. The maiden name is kooper use it to unlock Finance App.
  • After the Finance app is unlocked click on the Invoice and you will see that the invoice is sent to TNX.
  • Click on the race flag and write TNX as the final answer.

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