Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Walkthrough

Let’s start solving together Peek a Phone Hostage Situation. This chapter contains 5 parts and we will share the answers for all of them in one single article which is this one.

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Walkthrough

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Part 1

  • Click on the Internet icon and click on Search or Type a URL so the search history appears. Click on Butch Cassidy’s Fate search. Remember this name we will need it for the next step. Return to your mobile phone homepage.
  • Click on calendar and type in the password Butch Cassidy and the calendar will unlock. Since the dates change try to find always the calendar schedule that contains the Bank heist anniversary. Then you will use that date to unlock Messages.
  • In my case, the date of the heist was May 6, so the password I used to unlock the messages is 0506.
  • When the messages unlock click on BOSSMAN conversation and see in detail how many hostages they both saw. The total is 58.
  • Click the finish flag and type number 58 to unlock the first part.

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Part 2

  • At the start of the level, you will see a Dillinger Wanted poster dated 1933. Use that code 1933 to unlock the phone.
  • Go to Contacts and click on the Notes contact and the word swindle12 will appear. Return to your homepage.
  • Use swindle12 to unlock the Notes. Open The Gang note and you will notice some Bold letters that form the word EMBLEM. Return to homepage
  • Open the Save A Ton app and type in the password EMBLEM. Click on the Commands file and you will see Hang Fire- delay action.
  • Click on the conversation with Lila and type hang fire.

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Part 3

  • Open contacts again password for notes is swindle12. Do the same procedure of notes click on the Saveton folder first where it says Combine letters from gang roles. Then head again to The Gang note where the password is EMBLEM.
  • Go to chat and check the conversation with Rume. There you will see the name, Kyle.
  • Return to the homepage and use EMBLEM password to unlock Save a Ton. Open Photos and type the password, Kyle.
  • Open the last photo of the wedding day and remember the date 01/13/2016 which is the anniversary of the wedding day.
  • Now go to the chat and type blueprints to Rume. He will ask for the anniversary date.
  • The answer to him will be January 13. He will send the blueprints after that and the mission will be completed.

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Part 4

  • Open chat and click conversation with the Officer. The last sentence is what interests us which is: The Main entrance or the Employee entrance around back?
  • Check the blueprint and you will see that Employee Entrance will be the place he needs to go in. Reply to the officer by writing employee entrance. Wait for him to go in and he will reply back.
  • When the officer asks which way to go just reply LEFT.
  • He will ask again for direction and based on the blueprints you need to type utility area.
  • He will ask which way to the Control Panel? The answer must be trash room. And this is how this mission ends.

Peek a Phone Hostage Situation Part 5

  • Open Social and see the hint for the password. Then go to town news and check on the last job of Rume Yonan. He has been the former Head of Logistics at Shield Force. Use shieldforce as a password to unlock Social.
  • When Social opens read the Shield Force Official status. They say simply add up the first 3 digits of your phone number then multiply by the sum of 5.
  • Go to your contacts and find your phone number which is located under the name Me. In my case, the phone number is 970-555-0176. I will add 5+5+5 and then multiply it by 5 so the secret documents appear. Open the document
  • Go to blueprint and located what door is in the Loading Dock which is Ambassadoor. Return to the secret DoorJam.pdf file and see the unlock code for Ambassadoor which is MAT9843.
  • Click the finish flag and type MAT9843 to complete the mission.







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