Peek a Phone Heartfelt Apology Paparazzi Part 4 Walkthrough

We will help you with Peek a Phone Heartfelt Apology Paparazzi Part 4 Walkthrough. This is the newest pack released just a few weeks ago and the good news is we have solved it all.

  • When you click on the Play app you will see the MeetMe app inside which needs a password to unlock. Go to contacts and find the name Jake Steele which says A Good Time. Use the name Jake to unlock MeetMe App.
  • Go to the messages on the top right corner and open the conversation with Curtis Vance. In the conversation, it said that I love Irises. Return to the main page of the phone.
  • Open the Notes app and type in the password iris. Click on the Password reminders and check the password for Interflix which is ice cream add 5.
  • Return to the homepage and open the Internet App and click the URL where a list of visited sites will appear. Click on the best ice cream place article. Milk and Honey is the password and you need to add 5 at the end of it.
  • Head to Interflix app and type in the password milk and honey5 to unlock it. Click on the movie Afternoon in Paris 2 (2017) and you will see that your friend Lindsay Wix also likes that movie.
  • Go to the Work app and type in the password 2017 to unlock it. Click on email and you will see the password hint is a song.
  • Go to the messages with Jake Steele and check the conversation where she says the song is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. The release date of this song is 2015. 
  • Go to the email app and type 2015 to unlock. Click on the email from Lighthouse Books and read it all. You need to remember the name Pooka. Head again to the password reminder document on notes and you will see that FindMy has a password that says mythology add 3.
  • Click on FindMy app and type in pooka3. When the app opens you will have the location of the car. Head to the messages app and open the conversation with Mom where you will read that the only copy of the video is located inside the glovebox of the car.
  • Click on the finish flag and write down the car’s location which is 34 sycamore. This way you will solve this level.

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