Peek a Phone Dirty Business Paparazzi Part 2 Walkthrough

This guide will help you step by step for Peek a Phone Dirty Business Paparazzi Part 2 Walkthrough. If anything is wrong please contact us so we can fix it ASAP.

  • Unlock the phone by typing Pisces the astrological sign located on the lock screen.
  • Click on Smart Office app the hint is Motto. Go to the photos app and check the photo black and white. It says I am Energy and the motto is Energy.
  • After unlocking the Smart Office app go to Workspace 3. Zoom in and you will see GreatBooks Password is majorarcana. Also, Work messages Password which says Favorite Book.
  • Open the Astrology News app and click on the first article Witches have a bad rap. Scroll down to Ania King name and click it. Continue scrolling down where a status appears where she says Follow me on GreatBooks sharing also her username which is @PiscesPrincess. Exit.
  • Go to the GreatBooks app and use these details as username PiscesPrincess and as password majorarcana. After unlocking this app you will see that she set as her favorite the book Dethroned. Exit
  • Head back to Smart Office app and open Workspace 1 to find the username for the work messages app. The username is Ania – TheHighPriestess.
  • Open the work messages app and type username thehighpriestess and as password dethroned.
  • Open the conversation with Trevor to find out the password for the Notes app. Scroll up and find the part of the conversation where Trevor asks her if she changed the password of notes and she replies yes saying the password is My new spiritual guide.
  • Open the Calendar app and click on all dates until you find Appt w/ new spiritual guide Ocean. This means that the password of the notes app is Ocean.
  • Open the messages app and click the chat with Yesenia where she notifies her that my cloud password is found in the Pivotal Palm Reading.
  • Unlock the notes app and open the one with the title Pivotal Palm Reading Sesh w Ocean. The conclusion is you are a fire witch.
  • Go to the TNX cloud app and type fire witch to unlock it. Go to Settings and click on Delete Cloud Data. A password prompt will appear and a hint which is Alchemical Symbol.
  • Go to the Internet app and click on search history Alchemical symbol for the fire which is a Triangle.
  • Go back to TNX Cloud and open settings to delete cloud data. Type as password Triangle. This mission finishes here. Congratulations.

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